All Three Girls StandingThe Chattergirls program goes beyond the limits and boundaries of the normal public education system to assist young girls in developing life skills for becoming confident, strong young women.

Chattergirls is about Celebrating, Happy, Aspiring, Truthful, Trustful, Esteem, Responsible Girls. And we want to spread the CHATTER to more girls.

Alicia Birong, the founder of Guided Choices, created this program based on her experience teaching young girls and boys over the years changing the way they look at the world and themselves. They’ve become more confident in their own lives as athletes, musicians, singers, and college graduates. They’ve reacted with confidence to life’s bullies, abusers, panic,and other destructive behavior after using her techniques and recordings.

Starting early with Alicia’s techniques can win the battle of low self-esteemchatter, and confidence. There is a real benefit to parents in that they will be connecting with their daughter. They will be inspired by her development as she grows into her true self, and they will see her confidence and strengths emerge as her values become obvious.

Alicia has spoken to various groups on this topic, and she is available for speaking to parents and youth.

This program is also available to your school church or organization.

Watch the video below to learn more.